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        To Strengthen the Technology Investment, Expand Sales Channel, Innovate in Business Mode, Improve ACRC Brand

        Mission: To Provide High-quality Fused Cast Refractories and Complete Services for World Glass Industry


        ①“World” indicates we should embrace the world and serve the global.

        ②“Product” includes Fused Cast refractories, Bonded refractories, equipments and raw materials, etc.

        ③“Service” includes Furnace design, construction, heating-up furnace, and glass defect analysis.

        Vision: To be an international first-class glass refractory matching supplier winning social respect and customer recognition.


        ①“Social Respect” means it should undertake more social responsibilities, including environmental protection, staff welfare and social donation, etc.

        ②“Customer Recognition” indicates perfect pursuit, constant improvement, creating summit quality by technology and a strong brand to satisfy customer demands.

        ③“International First-class” defines our objective is to create an international brand enterprise, taking the world leading multinational RHI, ASAHI, and Saint-Gobain as benchmarking enterprises.

        ④“Matching” not only integrates Dongfang Group and internal advantage resources of Xinmi refractory industrial cluster, but also the operation of Dongfang Ancai, realizing matching supply ability and extruding distinct core competitiveness.

        “24-word” Management Policy

        Base Number, Power Delegation, Benefit-driven, Lean Efficiency, Multiple Restriction, Individual Responsibility


        Root in Present, Looking Forward to Future, Steady Improvement, Introduction Absorption, Market by Innovation, Comprehensive Driven

        Three Not Compliance: Respect Supervisors But Not Over the Barrel, Learn from the Foreign But Not Mechanically Learning, Reading Books But Not Being a Bookworm

        Three Promotions: Subjective But Not Objective, Internal Reason But Not External Reasons, Self-examination But Not Others

        Five changes: Digitalization, Software, Informationization, Networking, Environmental. “Five changes” are mutual dependence, internal linkage, coordination and mutual penetration, with dynamic development. It has systematic novel thought connotation, but scientific broad thought space, distinct enterprise culture features and strong operability and practicality.

        Tenet: Challenge Advanced World Level, Contribute to Social Civilization

        Ten Spirits: Practical, United, Struggling, Innovative, Suiting the Action to the Word, Fairness, Modest, Hardworking, Selfless in Service, Winning Honor for the Country

        Development Policy: Development by Technology, Survival by Quality, Market by Credit, Efficiency by Management Five No Employment

        It doesn’t been employed an idler, a lazy man, a mediocre man, a person making irresponsible remarks, or a vulgar taste person.


        About Us

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        Zhengzhou Dongfang Ancai Refractory Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specialized in research, development and production of high-quality fused cast refractories.




        International Business Dept.: 96 Hanghai Road, Zhengzhou 450006, Henan Province,P.R.China

        Factory: Quliang Science &Technology Industrial Zone, Xinmi 452375, Henan Province, P.R.China

        Phone: +86-371-68973188


        Fax: +86-371-69938573

        E-mail: zzacrc@163.com