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        Refractories Association in 2010 president of the work will

        Date:5/3/2012 09:11:06

          China Refractory Industry Association annual President will be held in accessible Refractory Technology Co., Ltd. in Beijing on January 16, 2010. Units on behalf of the Association President, Vice President and Vice President attended the meeting. Tian Xueguang president chaired the meeting and delivered an important speech.

          Xudian Li, executive vice president informed the meeting of the industry from January to November 2009 production run. The preliminary statistics of China Refractories Association, from January to November 2009, the National refractories production of 22,295,200 tons, down 3.80 percent. Dense shaped refractory products of which 14.3739 million tons, down 2.59%; unshaped refractory products 7.4423 million tons, down 6.60% in the refractory production in key areas, Beijing, Shandong, Jiangsu and Sichuan were up 9.50%, 27.46% 0.42% and 4.17%; Hebei, Liaoning, Shanxi, Zhejiang and Henan Province decreased by 13.93%, 1.00%, 2.63%, 12.44% and 9.43%. Import and export trade, 1 November, refractory raw materials import and export volume of $ 1,673,000,000. Export volume was 1.517 billion yuan, down 38.86 percent; import trade volume of $ 156 million, down 7.29 percent, export prices tended to increase in 2009, but exports have fallen sharply in January-November, refractory raw materials The export volume of 2.9278 million tons, down 42.99 percent. 163.55 tons of refractory raw materials exports, down 48.55%, refractory products export volume of 1.2923 million tons, down 33.93 percent.

          Analyze the country's industrial economic trends and the main production run of the downstream industry and market dynamics, Xudian Li pointed out: the need to restore the face of China's economic and social development of foreign difficult to expand domestic demand dissipates, development mode shift lag, high energy consumption, high polluting industries rebound pressure, rural economic development foundation is not solid and difficulties such as refractories industry production surplus conflicts have deepened, industry concentration is low the status quo is unlikely to improve the protection of resources and the environment, reduce energy consumption and energy saving tasks onerous , capacity for independent innovation, R & D results into slow even more prominent. In 2010, we should focus on the six goals of the Development and Reform Commission, China's economic and social development, promote the refractory industry, structural adjustment, transformation of economic growth, improve the quality of refractory industrial development as the main direction to seize the main contradiction concentrate our efforts to achieve new breakthroughs.

          Secretariat of the Deputy Secretary-General Chen Jianxiong behalf of the Association, conscientiously implement the spirit of the Central Economic Work Conference, actively respond to the influence and impact of the financial crisis; around the overall deployment and promote the annual work plan; fulfill its responsibility to play and extend the functions of the statistical work; heart services for government and member companies; active in domestic and international exchanges; seven aspects of the Association of self-construction, to the president of the work will report the main work carried out by the Association in 2009.

          Refractories Association Tianxue Guang in the current situation and tasks "in his speech, on the situation faced by the refractories industry in the post-crisis era, the deeper and more comprehensive analysis, 2009, China has entered, he said: the most difficult year for economic development in the new century, our industry-wide unity and struggle, and withstood a severe test of the year. The role of the central "to maintain growth, expand domestic demand, adjust structure and benefit people's livelihood" of the policy guidelines and a series of policy measures, the sharp drop in the momentum of the country's industrial growth has been curbed, the industry overall to run the way forward right direction, resistance The timber industry but also to ensure the stable operation of the industry's overall production. We must also clearly recognize that the situation facing China's economic development is still very complex, positive change and the adverse effects appeared at the same time, interwoven short-term and long-term issues, and influence each other, and domestic and international factors, so that the basis of China's economic recovery prison, lack of motivation, are also prominent structural contradictions. Industries such as steel, cement, glass production capacity significantly overcapacity and weak Next the basis of sustainable development, together with the international refractory market demand is a marked decline in the production and operation of the refractories industry in China will surely face a wide range of impacts and constraints . We must pay close attention to the changing economic situation at home and abroad on various difficulties and challenges have sufficient mental preparation, and more importantly active countermeasures. The refractory industry in 2010, he pointed out: This year is the final year of China's "Eleventh Five-Year Plan, we want the party of the seventh session of the Fourth Plenary Session and the Central Economic Work Conference, in order to maintain growth, adjusting structure, promoting change, seek development as the goal, resolutely emancipate the mind, persist in reform and the direction of unconventional thinking, to guide the operation and development of the industry's production and operation. First, we must recognize the situation, grasp the situation, strengthen confidence, deal with various difficulties and challenges of the post-crisis era, to ensure the normal operation of the industry-wide production and management services for high-temperature industrial, and make contributions to China's sustained economic and social development. The second is to emancipate their minds, seize opportunities, to enhance the industrial concentration, and enhance the quality of the industry as a whole combination, the elimination of backward integration factors of production, to build the aircraft carriers of the refractory industry, improve the comprehensive strength of the entire industry. The third is to strengthen its efforts to promoting energy conservation and environmental governance, reduce energy consumption, reduce emissions on their brains, in the alternative chromium-containing products on the new R & D efforts in improving the alkaline aluminosilicate raw materials utilization to increase investment. Fourth, according to the development needs of the downstream industry, to grasp the new direction of development of the refractories industry, combined with new technologies, new products, new processes, new equipment and new trends, production enterprises, research institutions and professional institutions to research and development of low-carbon, carbon-free products, organization focusing on research, to seek a breakthrough; also guide enterprises to strive for the implementation of turnkey services to explore the downstream industries. Five standing height to maintain the overall interests of our national refractories industry, to continuously enhance the safety awareness of the industrial production and management, compliance with the operating rules of market economy, especially in international trade, strengthen the industry self-regulation, business law, the overall situation, and strive to put an end to cheap dumping and other unscrupulous activities. Remember the purpose of seeking truth, and constantly improve the Association's own building, to efforts to improve the government, efficiency and quality of enterprise services.

          Delegates around the industry are facing the situation and tasks of a heated discussion in the review and certainly the industry over the past year work on the basis of a common understanding on the work of the Association in 2010, the overall idea and main task. Implement the spirit of the document of the General Office of the State Council on the 1st (2010), we agreed that the Office of the State (2010) Document No. 1 on the control of refractory clay, fluorite mining and production measures, both to implement the scientific concept of development, protect our resources and powerful measure of the environment, but also for China's refractories industry, eliminate backward production capacity, increased industrial concentration, to ensure the healthy development of the industry to provide policy support. We should correctly understand and actively support and coordinate with government departments to do related work, but also to ensure that the normal production of high-temperature industrial refractories required for the premise, in the reserves of raw materials, marketing strategies to adjust and regulate the internal management to take appropriate measures.

          Will be asked to work according to president of the Association Organization convened on January 19, 2010 the Secretariat to expand, and conveyed the president of the spirit of work will be discussed and agreed on in principle the Association in 2010, ideas and promote the plan.

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