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        Glass furnace flue gas waste heat power generation technology through level appraisal

        Date:5/3/2012 09:09:59

          China New Building Materials Industry Hangzhou Design Institute of Jiangsu Farun Group Limited share float glass furnace flue gas waste heat power generation technology development and application projects, recently in Zhangjiagang, Jiangsu by the Organization of Science and Technology of China Building Materials Federation results of identification. The experts and scholars believe that the results of R & D and engineering applications are the first domestic enrich the connotation of China Luoyang Float Glass, played an exemplary role for the float glass production in China's energy saving technology of the leading domestic level, has broad application prospects.

          It is reported that the float glass waste heat power plant design built by the new building materials in China, Hangzhou and Design Institute has three float glass waste heat power station is being designed to build six, the cumulative involved 25 float glass production line, accounting for more than 80% of this market, the installed capacity of 78 MW. Annual power generation of 8000 hours, the waste heat power station put into production, annual savings of 218,000 tons of coal for the glass industry to reduce carbon dioxide emissions of 52.4 million tons.

          Starting from 2005, new building materials in China, Hangzhou, Design and Research Institute on the basis of the design of the design of the float glass and cement waste heat power generation, cogeneration technology in float glass, the long-term theoretical research and engineering experiments. In September 2007, the first float glass furnace flue gas waste heat power station line - Jiangsu Huaerrun Group float glass eighth and the ninth line of the waste heat power plant success and power generation, out of a new glass energy saving and reduction of road. June this year, the hospital designed the nation's largest glass waste heat power station - Hebei Welcome Group four furnaces, two machine "12 MW waste heat power station and power generation, social and economic benefits significantly.

          Steam waste heat power generation system in the engineering design and construction of the glass waste heat power station, the hospital has taken a boiler from the deaerator system, flash to fill the steam waste heat power generation system, dual-pressure fill a variety of technical measures to increase generating capacity, and achieved satisfactory effect, the general cost of power generation can be controlled in the 0.15 ~ o.2 Yuan / kWh, the investment recovery period is two to three years.

          At present, China has more than 200 of the float glass production line, but the domestic glass furnace fuel consumption high, the furnace thermal efficiency of only foreign 1/10 ~ 1/5, the high cost of domestic glass production. Glass waste heat power station in the recovery of large amounts of waste heat, reducing the environmental pollution caused by factories. Corporate demand for electricity can also reduce the dependence on society, is a successful example of the glass industry in the development of recycling economy.

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