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Fused cast AZS series blocks

The series oxidized fused cast AZS blocks are formulated with high puring raw material and manufactured by electric arc furnace and oxidized fused cast process. This fused cast process almost eliminated carbon contamination from the graphite electrodes. This process combined with superior high purity raw material contributes to high corrosion resistance of oxidized fused cast AZS blocks to molten glass, and minimal contamination to molten glass.

Fused cast AZS series blocks

AC- 33(AZS)

AC- 36(AZS)

AC- 41(AZS)

AC- 36S(AZS)

Fused cast Alumina series blocks

Many years of devotion to research, development and production of fused cast alpha-beta alumina products afforded ACRC the most mature manufacturing experience and the highest technology in China.

The alpha-beta alumina blocks made by ACRC were installed in the first full oxygen furnace in China and it was a great breakthrough success. All the furnace's campaigning parameters reached designed requirements and world top standards of oxygen furnaces. The quality and reliability has afterwards received many more recognitions following other installations in large-scale full oxygen firing furnaces of solar PV glass.

Fused cast Alumina series blocks

AC-M (fused α-β Alumina block)

AC-H(fused β Alumina block)

AC-A(fused α Alumina block)

Monolithic series materials

AC Z30 and AC- MR are made of carefully selected materials though accurate batching process. Different particle sizes are available to different applications.

Monolithic series materials

Fused cast AZS monolithic material

Fused cast α-β monolithic material

Fused cast Mullite blocks

This material is made of the high grade mullite grog. It mainly used in the position required good wear-resistance and high temperature resistance, such as the sliding rail brick of pusher-type reheating furnace and steel tapping spout of step-type heating furnace and garbage incinerator lining, etc.

Fused cast Mullite blocks

AC-DM ( Fused mullite block)

Fused cast high Zircon blocks

The fused cast AC-Z95 block has excellent corrosion resistibility and very low blister and stoning potential. It nearly has no pollution to the liquid glass. This products can be used in various kinds of glass furnace, especially high quality glass furnace and special glass furnace. And mainly used for glass sidewall, throat, electrodes brick and the weir blocks etc. 

Fused cast high Zircon blocks

AC-Z95(Fused high zircon block)

Special shaped blocks

With a strong commitment to superior quality and more than 20 years’ manufacturing experience, our products are second to none in the industry in aspects of chemical and physical properties, overall campaign life and overall performance. We are especially proud of our special technologies to make shapes such as AZS curtain wall blocks, chimney blocks and feeder bowls.

Special shaped blocks

Lip stone block

C-type channel block

Curtainwall block

Checker block