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Our Culture

Our Culture

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Guidelines: Increase investment in science and technology, expand sales channels, innovate business models, and enhance the Ancai brand.

Enterprise mission: to provide quality products and perfect service for the world glass industry


1 "World" means that we have to embrace the world and serve the world.

2 "Products" include: fused materials, sintered materials, equipment and raw materials.

3 “Services” include: furnace design, construction, roasting kiln, glass defect analysis, etc.

Enterprise Vision: To become a world-class glass refractory supporting supplier that is respected by the society and recognized by customers.


1 “Social Respect” means undertaking more social responsibilities, including environmental protection, employee benefits, and social donations.

2 “Customer recognition” means pursuing perfection, striving for perfection, creating peak quality with the power of technology, and creating a strong brand that can meet customer needs.

3 “International first-class” limits our goal to create an international brand enterprise. The benchmarking companies can only be the world's leading multinational companies such as Omega, Asahi Glass and Saint-Gobain.

4 “Support” means to integrate the advantageous resources within the Eastern Group and Xinmi Refractory Industry Cluster, and the operation of Dongfang Ancai itself to achieve the supporting supply capacity and highlight the distinctive core competitiveness.

"Twenty-four words" management policy

The base of the package is fully decentralized, profit-driven, efficient and efficient, multiple constraints, personal responsibility, corporate philosophy: based on the current, looking forward to the future, steadily improving, introducing and absorbing, creating new markets, comprehensively driving

Three are not only: respect is not only on the outside, not outside the study, reading is not a book.

Three talks and three don't talk about: subjectiveness is not objective, but internal factors do not talk about external factors, and tell people not to talk about others.

Five: digital, software, information, network, and environmental protection.

The "five-round" has both internal relations of mutual support, mutual penetration and mutual promotion, as well as a form of coordinated, gradual and dynamic development. The novel system has both ideological connotations and scientific broad thinking space; it has distinctive corporate culture characteristics, and has strong operability and practicality.

The company's purpose: to challenge the world's advanced level, to contribute to the human civilization.

Ten spirits: Seeking truth from facts, uniting and forging ahead, fighting hard, pioneering and innovative, consistent in words and deeds, fair and honest, courtesy and courtesy, hard work, selfless dedication, glory for the country.

Development policy: Promote development with science and technology, survive with quality, win the world with integrity, increase efficiency with management

Five don't: don't be a idler, don't be a lazy, don't be a mediocre, don't make a remark, don't be a low-level person.