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“Refractory Enterprise Transformation and Upgrading Forum” is scheduled to be held in Xinmi, Henan on April 11th.

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“The 13th Refractory New Knowledge Lecture and Refractory Enterprise Transformation and Upgrade Forum” will be held on April 11-13 at the Chengde De Hotel in Xinmi City, Henan Province. The conference was co-sponsored by the refractory industry associations of Henan, Shandong, Liaoning, Shanxi, Zhejiang and Guizhou provinces. The new refractory industry leading group office of Xinmi City, Xinmi Refractory Association, Zhengzhou Zhendong, Zhengzhou Dongfang, Zhengzhou Anike, Zhengzhou Ruitai, Zhengzhou Warwick, Zhengzhou Zhenjin, Zhengzhou Jianxin, Henan Ruitai, Dengdian Weinan Thermal Ceramics, Zhengzhou Hualong Machinery, Zhengzhou Jinxin Machinery, Huanggang Huayao Zhongzhou Kiln, Xinmi Refractory Electronic Commerce, etc. The unit co-organized. The meeting was supported by the China Resistance Association, the Henan Provincial Industry and Information Technology Commission and the Xinmi City People's Government.

This meeting is mainly aimed at the current situation and problems of refractory enterprises under the current situation. Facing the new challenges of high-temperature industrialization of production capacity and structural adjustment, the meeting invited experts and entrepreneurs to transform and upgrade refractory enterprises, energy conservation and emission reduction and technological innovation. And other content to report to the conference. Around the refractory enterprises, what needs to be done and how to do it, entrepreneurs, experts and representatives, interact and exchange, brief, pragmatic and focus on their own views, discuss together, speak freely, clear the way for the development of the enterprise, for the industry Develop ideas and ideas.

This meeting is a thought exchange meeting to determine whether the refractory enterprises themselves have stopped or continue to develop. It is also a seminar for developing enterprises to achieve a consensus and complementary advantages. For some enterprises with poor equipment levels, environmental debts, capital shortages, capital turnover difficulties, product no advantages, and no research and development capabilities, it is glorious and good to stop production (or change production) in the face of future market competition and environmental protection and energy conservation policies. Otherwise, if you continue to move forward, you may be able to squander the money you have earned before. For the characteristic enterprises with distinctive features, technical support, high brand awareness and good market economic efficiency, in the face of the future situation, it is necessary to embrace the group to warm up, complement each other, technological innovation, transformation and upgrading, and benign development. At the same time of the development of related industries, the economic benefits of enterprises are good.

Henan special resistance, Tongda refractory, Henan Xingya, Sanmenxia fused corundum, Zhejiang Zili, Yanshi Guangming Gaoke, Dengfeng melting material, Zhengzhou Yufa, Henan aluminum and magnesium, Henan Hecheng, Kaifeng up to the charge, Dengdian Nannan heat Ceramics, Nanyang Kaiyuan, Zhengzhou Weil, Shanxi Taiyue, Henan Dongda, Wuhan Shanda Chemical, Zhengzhou Aluminum, Guangzhou Huineng Environmental Protection, Henan Knight, Zhengzhou Hualong Machinery, Zhengzhou Jinxin Machinery, Shanghai Yuzhong Machinery Huanggang City Huayao Zhongzhou Kiln, Sinosteel Research Institute Antler, Luoyang Precon, Kaifeng Jianqiang magnetic selection, Xinmi refractory e-commerce and other units through the meeting to provide limited exhibition space or compilation of materials inserts , showing various types of sintered (electro-fusion) refractory raw materials, calcium aluminate cement, high-performance binder, automatic mechanical equipment, brick-making equipment, energy-saving kiln overall technology, testing equipment, iron removal equipment, e-commerce, etc. New technologies, new products and new uses of insulation materials. The above-mentioned various types of raw materials, products or equipment technology, e-commerce and other enterprises are advantageous enterprises and are indispensable partners for refractory products enterprises. It is suggested that exchanges and interactions should be strengthened during or after the meeting to form a relatively stable supply and demand. Partnership.

Through this technical report and face-to-face interactive communication with the theme of “transformation and upgrading” of enterprises, we will further change our concepts, unify our thinking, and actively seek solutions and measures to strengthen cooperation among enterprises under the current market difficulties. Together, we will make new contributions to the sustainable and stable development of the refractory industry.